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Fun Twitter Facts

I have to admit that I’m not the world’s biggest user of Twitter, but I do have an account and I like to tweet from time to time — whenever the mood strikes. I think most tweets are very mundane and boring but I do think Twitter is great for breaking news.

I was reading this blog post about interesting Twitter facts and learned some cool things about Twitter that I didn’t know.

  • The hashtag was proposed by a Twitter user in 2007.
  • Twitter has over 3,000 employees!
  • The most re-tweeted tweet of all time was the one Ellen DeGeneres started at the Oscars in 2014.
  • There are over 300 million Twitter accounts with no followers.

The Apple Watch is Coming

Tim Cook Shows Off Apple Watch

Everyone knew that Apple would be announcing a new watch but they kept people guessing today until CEO Tim Cook revealed it as “one more thing…” From first looks, it’s pretty impressive and I already know I want one. But I’ll have to wait–they won’t be available until 2015, meaning that Apple is missing the holiday season.

There are a couple of key points to consider about the upcoming watch.

  • It’s sleek and svelte
  • There are lots of options and customizations
  • You need to pair it with an iPhone (ouch!)
  • It’s health and fitness focused (watch out, Garmin!)
  • You’ll be able to pay for stuff with it (with participating retailers)

Sign me up for one when they’re out!

Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Grateful Dead

Here are some cool facts about the Grateful Dead. Before meeting any future performing members of the group, Jerry Garcia first befriended Robert Hunter in 1960, who go on to become the group’s lyricist behind some of their biggest tunes like “Sugar Magnolia,” “Casey Jones,” and “Truckin’.” Their devotion to musical and psychedelic exploration even reaches their use of music theory with tunes like “The Eleven” — performed in rare 11/8 time signature. In 1969, they switched gears towards incorporating live albums into their discography as the best way of capturing their sound, starting with Live / Dead recorded at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West. As a genuinely tour-dependent group, eventually their road crew that was loyal was employed full time with benefits and insurance. Their 1973 show and The Allman Brothers drew over half a million individuals. Jerry Garcia had to relearn the best way to play guitar in 1986 while recovering from a coma. Jerry Garcia served on the board of directors for a nonprofit called The Rex Foundation that has been assembled to support grassroots/artistic enrichment in “the spirit of generosity and concern that evolved in the culture surrounding Grateful Dead concerts.” Al and Tipper Gore are noted Deadheads (down to wearing J. Garcia neckties while campaigning) and even attended 1992’s RFK Stadium show within weeks of Gore being named Clinton’s vice presidential nominee. Grateful Dead is for the kids! Jerry Garcia’s last recorded job was a kids’ record called Not Just for Kids, and Bob Weir co-wrote a children’s book with his sister called Panther Dream that prepares kids about the rainforest. Jerry Garcia adored comic books and scuba diving, besides truly being a musician and visual artist. Phil Lesh’s enduring love of the sweatband is a legacy unto itself. No other group in the whole world can sound strong all at exactly the same time, and so pretty, surprising, over time. Long Live the Dead!

The Pressure of Baby Shower Gifts

I went to a baby shower the other day and it was amazing to see all the incredible gifts that some of the guests brought. Some of the gifts were downright amazing. Clearly some of the other moms had been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Here’s one of my favorites. A cute way to turn some simple washcloths into a nicely wrapped gift for the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Washcloths


I was intimidated since I had a store-bought gift I found while searching for ideas on I ended up buying a collection of books from like Goodnight, Moon and other classics. I figured that it would be nice for mom and dad to have a stack of books at the ready for those long nights of trying to get baby to sleep!