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My First Yoga Class

For a long time, I was feeling inspired to start my first yoga class though I had no idea on what to expect. Before, I could begin I went through articles and books on yoga to find out more on the subject. I also learnt a few things from my first yoga class that I would like to share.

Yoga clothes

Perhaps you may be feeling confused on the type of clothes to wear for your yoga class. I realized out that it depends on the class type you will be attending. If will be in the Bikram yoga or power yoga, you will definitely sweat. Therefore, you should wear garments that wick away the sweat. Wear something like what you would when running.

While the baggy T-shirts are okay for guys, ladies should choose tight-fitting tops. This will ensure that your top doesn’t fall over your head during an inversion. I could see women pulling tops in their shoulder stand as they did not want to show their stomachs.

Yoga gear

If you are new to it and do not have a mat, call the gym or yoga studio to rent or borrow one. From my experience, I would recommend buying one after you have already attended a few classes. The mats are available in a variety of materials and colors ranging from the natural rubber to the synthetic and have different thickness levels. Wash the mat with water and soap and leave it to dry. Most studios also provide basic props like blocks that can be used in alignment and straps to help those who are new.

Yoga etiquette

Ensure that you arrive about 10 minutes in advance for your yoga class so as to choose a comfortable spot. If you choose a popular class as a result of the time of the day, you should always arrive 15 to twenty minutes before time. After arriving, remove your shoes & socks before walking into the room. Find a spot at the back where you can follow people in front of you.

Before the class begins, meet the instructor and let him or her know whether you are suffering from an injury, particularly a recent one to enable him modify the lesson to suit your need. When doing the challenging poses, breathe deeply. Practice the poses at home to become more experienced. With these tips, it will be possible to enjoy your yoga lesson.

Oh and this didn’t happen to me but it’s funny!