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Harry Potterheads

OK, those of you who know us well probably won’t be surprised to learn that the entire family is a bunch of Harry Potter fanatics, dating back to when the original books were written and Aunt Sally sent over an early copy of The Philosopher’s Stone¬†from England. Since then, we’ve all devoured every book and movie and spent many family dinners arguing some of the finer plot points and meanings.

Pottermore - Privet Drive

The sign for Privet Drive at the opening scene for Pottermore.

This past weekend, a very big present dropped in our laps: the release of Pottermore, the world of Harry Potter brought to life in an interactive web site from J.K. Rowling and Sony. It has been in beta testing for almost a year, and we’ve known about it for a while, but weren’t allowed into the beta test. But when it came out on Saturday morning, plans were cancelled, computers were fired up and we all dove in.

It’s a Potterhead’s dream. You move throughout the world of Harry Potter, experiencing all the major events that he did, chapter by chapter. You explore the world through different moments, which are the major scenes of each chapter in the story. Along the way, you need to click around to find items like Chocolate Frog Cards or Galleons. There are a lot of important things to find and you need to locate them all to progress to each new moment and chapter. If you get stuck or lost, try one of the many Pottermore walkthroughs on the Internet.

We all blazed through the story pretty quickly. In under an hour. That was are only complaint about Pottermore. There’s not enough of it! You do get some great material that you won’t find in the books or movies, mostly backgrounds and stories about the places and characters. But for now, only Book 1 is available. We’ll have to wait for the rest!