Monthly Archives: February 2012

Headed to Hawaii

After a lot of discussion and debate within the family, we opted to head for Hawaii this year for a fun and relaxing vacation. We thought about a lot of different places to go, including the Caribbean and (for a brief moment) even the remote South Pacific, but after a review of several family vacation destinations, we settled on Hawaii as the best choice.

The past two years with the economy down, we tried the cheap and effective staycation concept. It was a nice way to save money but we all felt that now it’s been years┬ásince we’ve had a real vacation, so it’s time to splurge a little. Hawaii is the perfect choice, with plenty of nice beaches to relax on and enough in the way of sports and activities to keep everyone entertained for a week.

Maui Sunset

Sunset over the island of Maui in Hawaii

I think the decision was clear after we looked at some of the photos on the official tourism site for Hawaii. We were sold. We’re going to visit Maui on this trip and avoid the temptation to island-hop. After all, it’s more about enjoying some down time than boarding lots of planes.